– This domain name has a developed website about friable asbestos and gets a bit of daily traffic, as well as Adsense revenue.  Nice search volume and great CPC.  What are you waiting for??? – A nice one word new gTLD dot club domain name with some high cpc and lots of potential. Like it or hate it, asbestos was the number one construction material in the world at one time, used more than wood, glass or metal, and it has effected many lives! – There are thousands of asbestos workers in the United States and elsewhere, some of which are organized. There are many potential uses for the domain name, as well as many potential businesses and advertisers that would love to have this name! – Let’s face it, air quality is a hot topic and rightly so. This new gTLD dot solutions domain name is perfect for any business involved with air quality solutions! Category killer and a no brainer. – Lead contractors is big business in the United States! Now that EPA had issued the Lead and Renovation Rule, lead contractors are in extremely high demand. Think about the subdomain potential here. Incredible opportunity! – There are many types of abatement contractors such as asbestos abatement contractors, lead abatement contractors, mold abatement contractors, etc., making this new gTLD domain name a name with unlimited potential for a lead generation site, an advertising directory or other money making endeavor. Don’t wait, this one will go quickly! – A new gTDL domain name and a category killer name in a multi-million dollar business. Numerous advertisers and a great potential upside for this name. – SOLD – SOLD

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