DailyHoroscopes.info – A very popular name and search term.  This one gets a bit of traffic and is poised for a build-out for someone looking to make some extra revenue on line!


BestSolos.com – ‘Best’ type of websites have always been popular and everybody loves a great solo.


PlaceBets.online – It’s obvious we’re getting closer and closer in the US and it’s already happening elsewhere.  Very cool call to action domain name here, mega dollar industry!


Casino.tours – Is there even a tour company in existence that doesn’t have a casino tour?  I don’t think so.  This is another great new gTLD name and will definitely put some tour company ahead of the game.


Grateful.space – If you ever saw a Grateful Dead show, you saw some Grateful space.  This name would be perfect for a Grateful Dead blog or forum.


Trippy.space – Sounds like a perfect name for a Grateful Dead blog.  As they celebrate their 50 year anniversary, it might be a good time to get this one off the ground.


Recreation.buzz – What a cool name for a marijuana associated site.  We all know it’s coming soon!


Publicity.buzz – Dot buzz is a hot new gTLD with some serious players already jumping in the game.  Publicity.buzz is a nice short memorable name that has many potential uses.  What are you going to use it for?


ConcertShirts.com – Here is a nice two word category killer domain name for those into concert shirts.  I know I have a bin and a quilt made out of them and concert shirts, both old and new, are big business!


ConcertShirts.club – You would not believe how many people over 40 have a bin of vintage concert shirts tucked away in their closet or attic. These are highly collectible and are bought and sold in the aftermarket all the time. VinsDomains also owns ConcertShirts.com, which can be sold as a package with this name.

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