– A great name for a safety and environmental company.  Registered in 1999 – Environmental Assessments are complete for each and every transaction involving commercial or industrial real estate, making this exact match domain name a real category killer for any associated business – The name of several businesses and a great potential name for a new start-up business. Occupational health is big business in the US and this aged domain name is perfect to break-in! – There are several types of diligence engineers, but none more busy than those completing due diligence associated with real estate transactions. This is a mega business with big demand and this domain name could put you right in the middle of it all! – Having conducted thousands of Phase I environmental site assessments and being an engineer that conducts them, I can attest that this is a category killer domain name for anyone in the business. – Solvent distillation is big business, as can be seen from the Google advertisers and the fact that it’s taken in most other extensions. With a CPC of $8.52, this is a nice name to hold onto or utilize for your business! – There are numerous businesses that operate under this acronym and this would be a great aged domain name for any one of them. – There are so many types of surveys out there that this one has many possibilities. A great domain name to build a business around! – Boring and drilling equipment is really big business, with lots of keyword advertisers. A nice new gTLD and a category killer for boring equipment! – An awesome three letter word domain name under a new gTLD, dot solution. Perfect for a site about bio solutions, which is a hot topic these days! Also could be a great name for a company or product.

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