Diavolo.com –  A nice one word short aged dot com domain name.  Registered in 2002.


CrocodileBar.com – A great aged dot com domain name for a restaurant/lounge/bar.  Registered in 1999.


StrawberryMojito.com – Yes, it is a drink and great in the summer time.  Make it well know with this exact match domain name.


A.cooking – A perfect single letter domain name in a new gTLD.  Can’t really get much better than the letter A!


ChickenVegetableSoup.com – We’ve all had it.  Mom made it best!  It was and is perfect for that rainy day when you’re sick and miserable.  Share your favorite experiences and recipes with the exact match domain name


Grilled.pizza – Everybody likes pizza and the majority of those folks like grilled pizza, a popular trend that continues to grow. Start a new franchise, start a new blog or educate the masses with this awesome dot pizza domain name!


MyFavorite.restaurant – A great name for a restaurant review site, blog or forum for those who like to dine out!


HandScale.com – While you can’t weigh people with a hand scale, you can weigh many other things.  Lot’s of advertisers and searches for this unique product name.


WineRabbit.com – Wine is very big business in this world, as many bottles are sold, all of which need to be opened. Wine rabbit corkscrews are very popular and come in all shapes and sizes. With this domain name, you can start your own drop ship site or affiliate business with this great domain name.


FrostyCaps.com – Sounds like a great name for a nice cold dessert-like treat or drink. A great brandable product name with lots of potential upside, as it’s memorable, easy to spell and a nice aged dot com domain name.

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