DNAReplication.com – Invest in future technology with this one, before it’s too late!  In molecular biology, DNA replication is the biological process of producing two identical replicas of DNA from one original DNA molecule.


HiFiGuy.com – A nice brandable fun website name for someone like you!


CytoTechnology.com – the microscopic interpretation of cells to detect cancer and other abnormalities.


DNAPolymerase.com – a type of enzyme that is responsible for forming new copies of DNA, in the form of nucleic acid molecules.


AcupuctureLasers.com – Technology has come a long way.  A nice two word product dot com domain name.


MacroProcessors.com – Yes there is such a thing.  A nice two word product domain name here.  Also have MacroProcessor.com


MacroProcessor.com – Yes there is such a thing.  A nice two word product domain name here.  Also have MacroProcessors.com


TravelingTo.space – An awesome new gTLD domain name in the dot space realm.  Traveling to space may someday be the norm and this name will surely be in the middle of it all.

HyperCell.com – SOLD

HyperCell.com – SOLD


3DMammography.xyz – Recently in the news as being a much more reliable up and coming technology. This website could someday save some lives. As 3D technology relies on xyz coordinates, this is a great name with a matching gTLD.

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