Newbie Domaining 6 Months In – Continued

Newbie Domaining

Newbie Domaining

Well, I guess I’m doing okay newbie domaining, as I’m finely gaining some traction selling names and VinsDomains was actually just listed in an article published by entitled “The Top 100 Places To Buy A Domain Name” – if you want to see it, start from the bottom. Regardless of where it appears, it is quite an honor to even be listed with the others on the list, since I’ve only been newbie domaining for a little over 6 months and only started to figure something out that worked for me over the last couple.

Anyway, those who are newbie domaining were recently called out in a thread on DNForum entitled “How Much Money Have You Lost Domaining”, when someone questioned “What happened to all the newbies? Did they just run away?”…and someone else answered “Newbies have a tendency to quit before they even get started.” On that note I chimed in with the following, and I thought I’d share it here with others who are newbie domaining:

“I’ll step-up as a Newbie and answer to that one. I started in February this year and made the same mistakes as most, purchasing a lot of crap that I certainly now regret. However, I’ve been able to sell several of those names on EBay to recoop my dough and make up for some others that will drop if they don’t sell by next Spring (although you’ll see them here in the $1 auction before they expire). In any event, I’ve learned some lessons quick by spending time here and there. I’ve learned to pick better quality names on the drop with age. Names that domainers and end users alike would likely want to buy. Names that aren’t on anybody’s list, thereby being the only bidder, thereby winning the name. I’ve sold seven names since I started doing that. The least I’ve made on a sale in a three month flip was 2.54 times more than I paid for it and up to 12.32 times far my best sale I’ve had so far. I’ve got two names at Sedo right now at auction JonWayne(.)com and HiFives(.com), both with bidders, and both which will bring me similar profits. While I have still spent more than I have made so far, I’m certainly making more money than any cheesy bank will pay me to hold it, I’m making new friends and creating another business, which as many know, has many other benefits…and with inventory still to sell!

I’m not trying to brag, but simply pointing out that it can be done and pass along what I’ve learned in a very short time.

newbie domaining
Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining

1. No need to get greedy. I found domaining is like fishing, with the buyers being fish. There are many fish and many ponds. At the end of the day, fish don’t like flashy expensive lures as much as they like free worms, or at least cheaper ones. That how I always filled my stringer.

2. Do some work to get your names out there. So far, I’ve had sales here, Sedo, EBAY, through Twitter and through my website, although I’m trying in at least a half other dozens outlets too, including brokers, newsletters and other means discussed herein this forum.

3. The daily published lists are nice, and I do occasionally bid from them passing along some affiliate revenue to each of them, but do your own mining too! That’s where the uncontested gems are. As an example, over the last week, I picked up MrGun(.)com, ZinCity(.)com and MoonAcre(.)com, all registered in the 1990s, being the only bidder and using proceeds from my recent sales to fund the purchase. I guarantee I will sell those for a much higher price than I bought them, after I let them ferment for a little while at my registrar.

4. Do some SEO homework on your site and sites you develop. There’s a lot to learn, but it isn’t rocket science. You just need to learn something new everyday, which is why I’m dying to get some more posts from Adam at DNCollege – hint-hint. Anyway, within just a couple of months, I’ve been able to rank on page 1 of Google and more often than not position 1, for domain related keyword strings like Entertainment Domain Names For Sale for Vinsdomains and analytics tells me its delivering visitors. Not bad for a new hobby.

I could keep typing, but this is not my thread and not the topic of it either. Just thought I should defend us Newbies a little bit and share the love.”

While this is my thread and I could still keep typing about newbie domaining, learning is a process, and I’m still doing it everyday forever. While I’m also trying to teach what I learn, patience is a virtue! More to come soon – thanks for reading, sharing and I hope all is well!

Newbie Domaining

Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining
Newbie Domaining
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