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Some Domaining Pet Peeves

Some Domaining Pet Peeves

Some Domaining Pet Peeves – I’ve accumulated some of these over the last year and thought it was worth a post about it. My first domaining pet peeve involves GoDaddy. Don’t get me wrong, a happen to like GoDaddy a lot and I’m a regular customer, but I do have a GoDaddy pet peeve that I’d like to air out today in hopes of getting them to change their ways a little. How many domainers out there have registered a typo domain accidentally. It happens all the time to newbies who don’t realize their mistake until after they have paid for and own the name. We have all learned that lesson at one time or another, or likely will if it hasn’t happened yet. In fact, just the other day, I attempted to hand register a name at GoDaddy, but inadvertently misspelled the name. It was obvious to me and I immediately made the correction before registering the name I was really after.

Domaining Pet Peeves

This is where my domaining pet peeve kicks in. Two days later, I received an e-mail from GoDaddy, indicating that the mispelled domain name that I had originally typed-in a couple of days earlier, was still available to register. No sh*t Sherlock, of course it is still available to register, as it was an accidental misspelled typo that I really had no intention of registering. While I realize that GoDaddy has an automated system to send out these e-mails in hopes of generating more business, in my opinion, the practice stinks, especially when it involves an obvious (and worthless) typo. I can only imagine how many newbies actually respond to these e-mails and go ahead and register the mis-typed name, not realizing they had originally provided a typo domain name. While I’m sure the percentage is small, it really gets under my skin, as this is at least the third time this has happened to me over the last year. It leaves a taste in your mouth that they are trying to capitalize and prey upon the unknowing, non-English speaking and/or vulnerable newbie for a couple of extra bucks. While some of you may say some people register these names on purpose and therefore GoDaddy is going after potential business, I still say it stinks. I’m not aware of other entities doing the same thing out there, but I’m sure there are. Regardless, every time I get one of these e-mails, my toes curl.

Domaining Pet Peeves

The next domaining pet peeve I’d like to discuss involves the US mail. I happen to be a philatelist for over thirty years, so I also love the US Postal Service, US mail and all of the stamps that go with them, but I digress. Ever since becoming a domainer, the amount of junk mail that I receive is pretty wild, as it all has to do with domains I’ve acquired or registered. Now, I’m not talking about spam or junk e-mail, although we all get plenty of that too. I’m talking about hard mail into your mailbox. Just yesterday, I received an offer for a Gold card from American Express. The offer was sent to my address and sent to ToysAway. I happened to have registered last year, so it is pretty obvious where they got there information. This kind of mail comes frequently and includes credit card offers, trademark service offerings and even product catalogs. It truly is a waste of paper and resources and yet another domaining pet peeve that make my toes curl.

domaining pet peeves

I’m sure we all have some domaining pet peeves that deserve airing out. Please take the time to leave a comment and share your biggest domaining pet peeve. Perhaps it will make you feel better!


Some Domaining Pet Peeve

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