Twitter and Domaining

Twitter and Domaining – they really go well together like peanut butter and jelly.

Twitter and Domaining

Opening a Twitter account was one of the first things I did when I started to get into domaining and it was a really smart move. After reading many blogs and forums, it quickly became apparent who some of the successful players are. As such, I followed them and I followed the people they followed, for the most part. In about a year, I’ve obtained over 835 followers and it grows every week. I use and recommend that you use TrueTwit verified followers. This way, you know the followers you have are real and not bots or spam followers. Be sure to follow me @vinsdomainscom

As I am only a part time domainer with a full time day job, I find that Twitter keeps me up-to-date with important news, posts and Tweets related to the domain name world. I use it to tweet names I have for sale, to tweet about blog posts like this one that I have written or to re-tweet something that I have found interesting and think my followers might like too. Just always remember that Twitter is public and everything you Tweet is being read by all. People have been criminally charged for tweets they have made, so really think through your Tweets before posting!

Twitter and Domaining
Twitter and Domaining | Twitter and Domaining | Twitter and Domaining
Twitter and Domaining | Twitter and Domaining | Twitter and Domaining

Anyway, Twitter has been very busy trying to make it’s platform even more fun, useful, and secure. In the last couple of months, there have been some interesting developments at Twitter that include the following:

Vine for Android: Vine is an interesting way to see and share life in motion, where you can create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see. Now available on Google Play and also available for iPhone in the App Store.

The Windows Phone and BlackBerry app have been updated recently. Be sure to take advantage of the latest Twitter features and functionality while you’re on the move, like me. You can find these apps on Twitter’s mobile downloads page.

I am very happy to see an upgrade to the Twitter Login verification, where a second check has been added in the login process to make sure it’s really you. Here you can add and confirming a phone number and email address with your account to start taking advantage of this additional security.

You may have also recently received some correspondance regarding advertising on Twitter, who is now set to experiment with ways to make ads on Twitter more useful to their users in the United States by displaying promoted content from brands and business they’ve shown interest in. These tailored ads are based on information, such as browser-related information (a browser cookie ID), that their ad partners share with them. You can learn more about this in Twitter’s recent blog post.

The good news is that While Twitter wants to make thier ads more useful, they also want to give users simple and meaningful privacy options. You can simply uncheck the box next to “Promoted content” in your account settings, and Twitter will not match your account to information shared by our ad partners for tailoring ads. Thankfully, this is the only place you’ll need to disable this feature on Twitter.

Since Twitter supports Do Not Track (DNT), Twitter will not receive browser-related information from our ad partners for tailoring ads if you have DNT enabled in your browser.

Twitter always has more updates coming, so keep your eye on the Official Twitter Blog or follow @twitter for the latest information. In the meantime, you can also visit Twitter’s Help Center for more information about these options, and check out the short update to Twitter’s Privacy Policy under Third Parties.

Again, Twitter and domaining go together really well and hopefully you are making the most out of you business, using one of the great social media tools today to accomplish your goals!

Twitter and Domaining

Twitter and Domaining | Twitter and Domaining | Twitter and Domaining
Twitter and Domaining | Twitter and Domaining | Twitter and Domaining
Twitter and Domaining – A nice one word dot net domain name. Could be a perfect domain name for a Twitter follower site, which is big business today!

Domaining Blog

I am not a blogger at heart, but since I have learned the majority of what I know from others, I feel compelled to share what I think I know, so that others may also learn and share. I had made it a goal to add a post about what I have learned domaining at least once a month, and I failed miserably!  However, I did write some interesting articles way back when, many of which appeared at (then known as HybridDomainer) and the links below will take you there.  Keep in mind, some of them are irrelevant today!

Anyway, thanks for visiting and hopefully you’ll find something here worth reading and sharing. If you do learn something new, please utilize the social buttons I have here and share with others, because that is what it is all about.

Also be sure to follow me on Twitter @vinsdomainscom or link with me on Linked-In Vincent L. Jacques, P.E.

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