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TVDisplay.glass – Any idea how many TVs are produced each year? The number of TVs shipped to retailers in the United States and Canada jumped to a total of 9.3 million units in the past year. 99% of American households have at least one television set. Glass technology is coming fast. Don’t get left behind!


ManufacturingIsBack.com – We’ve been hearing this a lot lately in the United States, although many former manufacturing towns don’t believe it. On the other hand, with Walmart’s recent commercials and others starting to follow suite, perhaps manufacturing is back and this name is the perfect one to talk about it all!

MarijuanaPills.com – SOLD

MarijuanaPills.com – SOLD


BudsWeekly.com – Let’s face it folks, legalization is getting closer and closer in the United States. When that happens, this name is poised to be known in the industry! Could also be a weekly blog about buds (of any kind) blooming in different parts of the world. Get it while you can…


PussySqueeze.com – A developed website that took a lot of work to create. This website features a page that provides information and links (if they exist) to almost all animal rescues, human societies and pet adoption shelters throughout the United States. This site is already getting traffic and I haven’t even put it out there yet!

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