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Web Development Tools

Development Tools

Are You looking for some great development tools to help you develop your websites and get better rankings. I have personally found each of these development tools to be extremely valuable in keeping my websites fresh and ranking well where they need to be!

Development Tools

development tools • Build a niche portal • Park a domain • Monitor brand reputation • Create an organization-wide aggregator • Create a project management portal • Supplement your existing blog with affiliate content • Build-keyword rich link building sites • Infuse fresh content into a stale blog • Create a job search mashup • Aggregate all your personal feeds • Set up a FeedBurner clone • Create a photoblog • Montior search alerts
And much more!
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ManageWp is by far the best development tool I’ve ever come across. It lets you manage all of your websites from one dashboard. It allows you to keep all of your themes and plugins up-to-date very easily, as well as keeping things clean and efficient. It offers SEO optimization and can even determine how your ranking for specific keywords. If you manage multiple sites, you’ll never look back after trying this out!

Development Tools

development tools Are you selling domains? This Domain List Plugin, which I use here, is an essential WordPress tool to help you manage, promote and sell your domain names. It has:

Automated WHOIS Info

WHOIS data is automatically retrieved for each domain. This is an essential feature for domain owners to keep up to date with the domain info.

Offer Management

Users can conveniently make an offer on a domain for sale. All offers are summarized in the Wordpres Dashboard.

SEO Advantage

Enable people to find your site easily online. My Domain List Plugin boosts search engine discovery of your domain portfolio.

Custom Display

Use the my-domain-list shortcode to customize the portfolio display, currency and domain information.

Manage Domain List

Manage your whole portfolio from the Admin page. Visually identify upcoming expiration dates, number of offers made and specific domain data.

Excellent Support

My Domain List team provides excellent support. At the incredible price of only $25 being offered here, what are you waiting for? Buy Now

Development Tools

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes – If you’re not yet running your websites and blogs on wordpress, you really are missing the boat. As the saying goes, time is money! Take advantage of these incredible adaptable themes that will having you cashing in on the internet in no time!

Development Tools

GET SEOPressor Here! – Now Powering More Than 15,000,000+ WordPress Pages And Growing! “Shockingly Effective, Tested and Proven WordPress SEO Plugin That Will Skyrocket Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking Straight To The Stratosphere! Guaranteed!”

Development Tools

GET SwissMarketing Tool Here! – Find the most profitable niches, discover the best keywords to optimize your pages for, gain the edge over your competition with cutting-edge SEO-competition data and keep track of all your marketing campaigns.

Keywords are the foundation of any successful SEO campaign and are the most important development tools you can have.

Imagine that you create a new page on your site today and add some content. Very soon, you see more and more traffic to your site, all going to that new page. Your promotion of that page is a success, it shows up in the top spot for it’s main keyword in Google and it pulls in a steady stream of visitors to your site. Better yet, the visitors are qualified and interested in what you have to tell, sell or promote. When this happens, you can be sure that the crucial first step in the process was selecting the right keyword.

You really not going to believe these development tools!

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