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Portable.glass – Another great name for a company involved with replacing glass windshields, or building glass, or perhaps a future technology. Glass will be a big part of our future and this new gTLD dot glass domain name will likely be a part of it all!


Ready.glass – Sounds like a perfect company name to me. A great new GTLD dot glass domain name that could put any glass company on the map today! Could also be the name of a future technology product, as glass will have a big part of your lives going forward!


Plasma.glass – While this technology has been a round for a while, it is still very popular and still evolving for the future. This new gTLD dot glass domain name will make somebody a lot of money and it could be you! Get the name while you can!


Working.glass – No, not working class, not looking glass, working.glass. Glass technology is moving lightning fast and working glass just might be part of every work environment very soon. This new gTLD dot glass name is cutting edge and if interested, we also have workingglass.com too!

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