– People crave funny cat videos, as evidenced by it’s own segment on the television show American’s Funniest Home Videos.  In any event, gets a bit of unique traffic from people craving these videos, so buy this domain name and create a site for what people want! – SOLD – SOLD – Many fun and interesting potential uses for this domain name. There are more than a couple of cats around, so I think this domain name will not be in our inventory for long, so act now if you want it! – Needless to say, cats are big business and this aged domain name is a perfect perfect name to jump into it. A great name for a store, blog or rescue. – SOLD – SOLD – SOLD – SOLD – A developed website that took a lot of work to create. This website features a page that provides information and links (if they exist) to almost all animal rescues, human societies and pet adoption shelters throughout the United States. This site is already getting traffic and I haven’t even put it out there yet!

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