HeroinOverdose.com – SOLD

HeroinOverdose.com – SOLD


BoobieArt.com – Let’s face it, half the population has them and the other half wants them.  Here is a fun website devoted to Boobie Art.  It is a developed website ranking well for many keywords and getting over 3,000 visitors per month!  Also offer BoobyArt.com.


FriableAsbestos.com – This domain name has a developed website about friable asbestos and gets a bit of daily traffic, as well as Adsense revenue.  Nice search volume and great CPC.  What are you waiting for???


FantasyHouseCleaning.com – This is a developed domain name that has been running for quite some time.  It has lots of links, daily traffic and makes a good income.  Also poised to be a thriving business, as resumes and pictures from potential employees, as well as daily request for cleaning around the country.


BlackstoneRiver.com – The Blackstone River is a 48 mile long river that begins in Massachusetts and traverses Rhode Island, draining a watershed of approximately 550 square miles. The Blackstone River was the in the center of the industrial revolution, with many factories and mills using the power of the moving water to churn out goods in mass production. In 1990, the EPA classified this river as “the most polluted river in the country with respect to toxic sediments.” This domain name is in the process of being developed and may be sold as a website.


ThreeMileIsland.com – Registered in 1998, there are not many people who have not heard of Three Mile Island, making this domain name a popular destination through type-in traffic. Pick it up, develop it and start making money on-line today!


ComedyVideoZone.com – This happens to be one of my own favorite websites to visit, as I love stand-up comedy and the best of the best is at your finger tips here.  This website gets a bit of traffic and makes some revenue, so don’t delay!


CaddyWise.com – A great domain name and an established website with many recently registered users and a database of golf related posts. The hard work is done to get this one off the ground!


PussySqueeze.com – A developed website that took a lot of work to create. This website features a page that provides information and links (if they exist) to almost all animal rescues, human societies and pet adoption shelters throughout the United States. This site is already getting traffic and I haven’t even put it out there yet!


OneDirectionLove.com – If you haven’t yet heard of the boy band sweeping the world, you obviously do not have a 10-13 year old daughter. Just kidding. In any event, one Direction is quite popular, with 3,350,000 [exact] global monthly searches!!! Don’t miss out on this developed fan website for One Direction, which also has a twitter account with some followers!

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