– Lots of searches for this key word and many potential uses in a very popular new gTLD extension, dot xyz. – Three letter dot xyz – While dot xyz has had some controversy, you have to admit they are backing their gTLD and it is starting to catch on.  Advice is a big time keyword and seems to go nicely with this extension. – SOLD – SOLD – Recently in the news as being a much more reliable up and coming technology. This website could someday save some lives. As 3D technology relies on xyz coordinates, this is a great name with a matching gTLD. – The future is here. If you haven’t heard of a 3D Pen, you will soon! With dot xyz being perfect for three dimensional names and technology, can get you ahead of the future now! – Another up and coming technology that will be common place soon enough. Get in on the action early and take advantage of the 3D domain string dot xyz. – 3D video will soon be all the rage. No longer a technology only available to just Disney. With xyz being the main coordinates for mall 3D action, this name is a winner! – SOLD – SOLD – 3D models and 3D printing are big business and represents the next wave of technology. It should be obvious that xyz are also the coordinates used to make any 3d model, so these go together nicely!

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