PureFantasyFootball.com – fantasy football is big time and here is a perfect name to get your own site going!


SidePoker.com – We’ve all played a little side poker and these names are hot! Start an online poker site, you won’t regret it!


DragQueen.net – Let’s face it, drag queens are popular and this is a great domain name. For those who don’t know, a drag queen is a person, usually a man, who dresses in feminine clothes and make-up for special occasions, often to perform, entertain, or engage in social activism.


DailyHoroscopes.info – A very popular name and search term.  This one gets a bit of traffic and is poised for a build-out for someone looking to make some extra revenue on line!


BestSolos.com – ‘Best’ type of websites have always been popular and everybody loves a great solo.


PlaceBets.online – It’s obvious we’re getting closer and closer in the US and it’s already happening elsewhere.  Very cool call to action domain name here, mega dollar industry!


Casino.tours – Is there even a tour company in existence that doesn’t have a casino tour?  I don’t think so.  This is another great new gTLD name and will definitely put some tour company ahead of the game.


Grateful.space – If you ever saw a Grateful Dead show, you saw some Grateful space.  This name would be perfect for a Grateful Dead blog or forum.


Trippy.space – Sounds like a perfect name for a Grateful Dead blog.  As they celebrate their 50 year anniversary, it might be a good time to get this one off the ground.


ConcertShirts.com – Here is a nice two word category killer domain name for those into concert shirts.  I know I have a bin and a quilt made out of them and concert shirts, both old and new, are big business!

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