– SOLD – Sold – Registered in 1999, this one gets traffic and is a perfect name for a French School directory or review site – When I started out buying and selling domains, domainer tips were like gold…and still are! – There many schools around the world utilizing this name and you know several of them would love to have this domain name! – A nice exact match domain name for online technical colleges.  These directory sites always do well if you have the right domain name! – Paralegals are in big demand, so educating them is a big deal.  Lots of advertisers.  Set yourself apart and get this category killer niche name. –  A sequence of two or more words or phrases in the same grammatical category, having some semantic relationship and joined by some syntactic device.  You knew that! – Kids have to start somewhere!  A great name for a first time computer designed for pre-school children. – Question domain names always do well with the right educational website.  There are many people who search this very phrase every single day.  Capture the traffic with a developed name and this awesome exact match domain name. – Driving While Intoxicated in no joke, and someone convicted of doing it will likely have to take DWI classes in order to drive again.  This one gets some traffic and does generate some income.

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