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CrocodileBar.com – A great aged dot com domain name for a restaurant/lounge/bar.  Registered in 1999.


CA.wine – A great two letter domain name in the new gTLD, dot wine.  CA.wine, or California Wine, is only a 40 billion dollar industry!  California is the leading wine producing state—making more than 90 percent of all U.S. wine and this name is well suited as a global brand in this industry!



DWIClasses.com – Driving While Intoxicated in no joke, and someone convicted of doing it will likely have to take DWI classes in order to drive again.  This one gets some traffic and does generate some income.


StrawberryMojito.com – Yes, it is a drink and great in the summer time.  Make it well know with this exact match domain name.


FrenchBordeauxWine.com – French Bordeaux Wine is the most sought after wine in the world and for good reason.  Any wine distributor worth his salt would love this exact match domain name.


WineRack.org – Being a wine connoisseur, I personally love this name and think it has may potential uses.  I can’t wait to see what it eventually used for!


Gibson.vodka – When I sell my first million dollar domain name, I will start my own vodka brand after my favorite drink, the Gibson! Until then, I’ll let you know it’s here.

ShakenNotStirred.com – SOLD

ShakenNotStirred.com – SOLD


Rum.company – A nice short one word category killer in the new gTLD, dot company. Rum is big business in this world and this name could put your company on the map!


OrderingWine.com – This is a perfect domain name for an educational web site about ordering wine at restaurants. Could also be utilized by a wine distributor or vineyard looking to sell wine online. Either way, this aged domain name is a winner with many potential end users, as well as advertisers for these key words!

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