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CamoShirts.com – I wonder exactly how many of them are out there?  Another nice category killer two word dot com product domain name.

WomensSweater.com – SOLD

WomensSweater.com – SOLD


HerShoes.com – Have you ever been in her shoes?  I didn’t think so.  Talk about it in a new blog.  No really, what a great name for a ladies shoe store.


ConcertShirts.com – Here is a nice two word category killer domain name for those into concert shirts.  I know I have a bin and a quilt made out of them and concert shirts, both old and new, are big business!


ConcertShirts.club – You would not believe how many people over 40 have a bin of vintage concert shirts tucked away in their closet or attic. These are highly collectible and are bought and sold in the aftermarket all the time. VinsDomains also owns ConcertShirts.com, which can be sold as a package with this name.

BusinessSuitsForWomen.com – SOLD

BusinessSuitsForWomen.com – SOLD


GlobalMarketMall.com – A perfect name to start an internet mall with stores from all over the world. This name is bound to make some money!


TinyTop.com – This interesting domain name has several possibilities to carve out a niche on the Internet. It certainly is short, memorable and radio friendly, besides being aged!


HatPhone.com – Want a chance to invest in a new up and coming technology! Now’s your chance! Grab this one up before somebody else does!


ShowAss.com – A nice call-to-action domain name. Let’s face it, there are many flashers among us, but most do not like to show their faces. I see someone scooping up this aged classic and making an interesting site, I’ll have to check back in on it someday.

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