– Category killer if you are selling or producing these!!! Registered in 1998 – Adult toys are big business. Go ahead and carve out your niche! – A great place to sell exercise sneakers! Carve out your niche! – Care to guess how many sets of Christmas Bulbs are sold each year? Don’t bother…it’s estimated that more than 150 million Christmas bulb sets are sold in America each year, with more than 80 million homes decorated with holiday lights. Big business here and a great name to capitalize on it! Registered in 1997! – A nice aged dot com domain name with many potential uses in the diving world, which is a rapidly growing recreational sport! – SOLD – SOLD – A category killer for the dessert wine industry, which is no small time business in this world.  Many people enjoy great dessert wine and many producers and distributors would love to have this aged domain name. – A perfect name for making your own wine.  Pick it up and get it going!  This one is a no-brainer! – I wonder exactly how many of them are out there?  Another nice category killer two word dot com product domain name. – Another great two word product domain name with some age.  For magnetic pumps, this is a category killer!

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