Exercisesneakers.com – A great place to sell exercise sneakers! Carve out your niche!

WarOnCancer.com – SOLD

WarOnCancer.com -SOLD

InPatientDetox.com – SOLD

InPatientDetox.com – SOLD


WhatIsAStroke.com – Can’t get any better for an informational site about strokes.  Tons of searches and waiting to be developed!


Ohio.yoga – A terrific geo newgTLD. Yoga is on fire across the country, including Ohio. Become the go to Yoga Master in Ohio with this awesome domain name!


OccuhealthInc.com – The name of several businesses and a great potential name for a new start-up business. Occupational health is big business in the US and this aged domain name is perfect to break-in!


MedicalBillingCompanies.com – Medical billing is really big business and this domain name would be a perfect website to compare, critique and review medical billing companies.

Fiberless.com – SOLD

Fiberless.com – SOLD

FutureCells.com – SOLD

FutureCells.com – SOLD


FatPride.com – A slogan we’ve all heard, making this name one that’s getting lots of action. Get in on that action and make an offer for this domain name today.

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