– This name has been bought and sold in the past, gets some unique traffic and generates some income.  The name has had several inquiries and a sale will happen soon. – Sandwich MA is a very nice community and is them oldest town in Cape Cod, having recently turned 375 years old. – Personal pilots are big business.  A nicely ranking lead generation site is a nice option for this domain name, unless you are in the business or brokering pilots time.  Either way, a nice category killer here! – Despite Uber, Taxi companies are still licensed and still very popular, especially in Washington DC.  A nice geo category killer domain name here! – Diversified cash flow is big business in the RV world.  Get some RV Money and start your own business in the niche. – Here we have a terrific geo domain name, the capital of Maine, Bangor, ME.  This is an aged domain with many obvious uses. – A nice two word aged dot com domain name.  While the uses are obvious for this one, Detroit is a big City and business could be built around this one! – As Disney is located in Kissimmee, there are certainly a lot of hotels there, making this domain name perfect website name for a hotel review website. – Means “to stay” in some languages.  A nice short aged brandable dot com.  I love the sound of this domain name and i think it has potential in several industries.

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