– A perfect name for a cryptocurrency or digital wallet project! – While a take-off of the Loan Ranger, this name makes sense and is pretty cool, if arranging loans is what you do.  A terrific two word dot com domain name that was registered was back in 1996! – In the US, 401K are investment vehicles (savings plans) for retirement, generally offered by private companies and in many cases, offered with a % matching contribution.  Lots of advertisers and some unique traffic for this domain name too. – SOLD – SOLD – Diversified cash flow is big business in the RV world.  Get some RV Money and start your own business in the niche. – A great geo domain name in a City and category that are very popular.  Lots of advertisers and lots of potential end users! – SOLD – SOLD – A nice short brandable domain name in a great popular niche. would be a great name for an on-line casino or peer to peer payment system. – Although not a new concept, a reverse home mortgage has become very popular alternative for those in retirement in the United States. Although a new gTLD, this is a category killer and surely be a successful on-line business someday. Will it be yours? – A great new gTLD domain name that can be a category killer for reverse home loans.  Lots of advertisers and high CPC.  Reverse home loans are the new retirement rage and here is an easy way to move to the front of this growing business!

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