– A little bias with this one, having grown up in RI.  Plans to develop this one, unless a nice off comes along first. – With the new Star Wars movies, galaxy maps are back in vouge! – Sandwich MA is a very nice community and is them oldest town in Cape Cod, having recently turned 375 years old. – Despite Uber, Taxi companies are still licensed and still very popular, especially in Washington DC.  A nice geo category killer domain name here! – A terrific geo newgTLD. Yoga is on fire across the country, including Ohio. Become the go to Yoga Master in Ohio with this awesome domain name! – A great geo domain name in a City and category that are very popular.  Lots of advertisers and lots of potential end users! – Here we have a terrific geo domain name, the capital of Maine, Bangor, ME.  This is an aged domain with many obvious uses. – A nice two word aged dot com domain name.  While the uses are obvious for this one, Detroit is a big City and business could be built around this one! – Besides Abraham Lincoln, whose history is studied by many every day, there are also many historical cities and towns called Lincoln, making this an attractive domain name and great fit for somebody out there. Being from Lincoln, I may be a little biased about this name. – Yet another domain I purchased to develop. I grew-up in this small quaint village of Lincoln, Rhode Island, which has plenty of history to write about.

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