– Any idea how many roofs there are in this world. I bet you don’t! Category killer for a BIG business here! – Home many homes are owned out there?  Exactly, and everyone of them has a house deed.  A great name for a title or mortgage company ! – SOLD – SOLD – A perfect single letter domain name in a new gTLD.  Can’t really get much better than the letter A and the repair business is huge! – SOLD – SOLD – A nice two word product domain name with many searches and advertisers.  Another no brainer, as these product domains are never around for long! – A nice exact match domain name for a popular product in the home goods category. – SOLD – SOLD – SOLD – SOLD – A great new gTLD domain name that can be a category killer for reverse home loans.  Lots of advertisers and high CPC.  Reverse home loans are the new retirement rage and here is an easy way to move to the front of this growing business!

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