– Being a wine connoisseur, I personally love this name and think it has may potential uses.  I can’t wait to see what it eventually used for! – SOLD – A category killer for Mechanical Engineering. There are numerous schools and Universities that offer this important degree and there are many mechanical engineering firms that would love to own this name. This name would also do very well with a directory of mechanical engineers for various geo locations and specializations. – A perfect name to keep track of all the daily State lottery numbers, PowerBall, and all of the other lotteries that are ever so popular. – Having made a living as an environmental engineer for last last couple of decades, I can a test for the fact that it is big business!  While I have development plans for this one, I would entertain offers. – A popular vacation destination. Who doesn’t want to go on a Kenyan Safari? But the dot net here too and get a deal! – Great two word product dot org name, with plenty of advertisers and taken in most other TLDs. Can’t go cold with this one! – Can’t get any better for a Bruins fan site. Enough said. – SOLD – SOLD – Foot mercato had 1,000,000 [exact] global monthly searches, making the potential of this domain name to be obvious. ALL other extensions are taken for a reason, as this name gets some traffic, with Soccer being the most popular sport in the world. This domain name appraises in at $3,680!

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