Want to learn about Cryptocurrency?


RoofGardening.com – A great name for a blog or educational website.


SafetyEnvironmental.com – A great name for a safety and environmental company.  Registered in 1999


Diligence.engineer – There are several types of diligence engineers, but none more busy than those completing due diligence associated with real estate transactions. This is a mega business with big demand and this domain name could put you right in the middle of it all!


Phase1.engineer – Having conducted thousands of Phase I environmental site assessments and being an engineer that conducts them, I can attest that this is a category killer domain name for anyone in the business.


MechanicalEngineering.org – A category killer for Mechanical Engineering. There are numerous schools and Universities that offer this important degree and there are many mechanical engineering firms that would love to own this name. This name would also do very well with a directory of mechanical engineers for various geo locations and specializations.


EnvironmentalEngineering.org – Having made a living as an environmental engineer for last last couple of decades, I can a test for the fact that it is big business!  While I have development plans for this one, I would entertain offers.

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