– Home many homes are owned out there?  Exactly, and everyone of them has a house deed.  A great name for a title or mortgage company ! – Environmental Assessments are complete for each and every transaction involving commercial or industrial real estate, making this exact match domain name a real category killer for any associated business – SOLD – SOLD – A great call to action domain name that says what it is.  There are many people taking advantage of today’s crazy economy and buying up cheap homes to renovate and flip.  It is an absolutely big and exploding business and this name can get you going!  Lots of advertisers and potential buyers! – There are several types of diligence engineers, but none more busy than those completing due diligence associated with real estate transactions. This is a mega business with big demand and this domain name could put you right in the middle of it all! – Having conducted thousands of Phase I environmental site assessments and being an engineer that conducts them, I can attest that this is a category killer domain name for anyone in the business. – Although not a new concept, a reverse home mortgage has become very popular alternative for those in retirement in the United States. Although a new gTLD, this is a category killer and surely be a successful on-line business someday. Will it be yours? – A great new gTLD domain name that can be a category killer for reverse home loans.  Lots of advertisers and high CPC.  Reverse home loans are the new retirement rage and here is an easy way to move to the front of this growing business! – A terrific call-to-action domain name that could be turned into a great for-sale-by-owner real-estate site! Think about it, this one has really big potential!

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