– carve out a niche in the billion dollar beauty industry and the billion dollar gift industry at the same time! – This could be a great website devoted to a wedding, birthday and/or Holiday gift registry, where people can easily learn what you want! At least that’s my idea, if I ever get to develop this one. – A perfect name to start an internet mall with stores from all over the world. This name is bound to make some money! – I don’t usually get involved with typo domain names, but you can’t get much bigger business than the special holiday, so I had to add it to inventory. I don’t expect to have this one too long, so act now! – I wonder how many times a week this is uttered by Moms across the world. Toys are big business and some companies are starting new programs to reserve toys. Get in on the action with this great aged domain name! – Remember the days of writing a letter and adding a little PS at the end, when you forgot to include something in the letter? How many times have you forgotten or have been late with a birthday or wedding gift? I call that a PS Gift and this would make a great website to sell and ship them, providing the recipient with the best PS the ever had. – SOLD – SOLD

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