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ConsignmentPlus.com – A perfect name to get that store you always wanted going! Don’t wait, inquire today!


ShopRI.com – A little bias with this one, having grown up in RI.  Plans to develop this one, unless a nice off comes along first.

WomensSweater.com – SOLD

WomensSweater.com – SOLD


HerShoes.com – Have you ever been in her shoes?  I didn’t think so.  Talk about it in a new blog.  No really, what a great name for a ladies shoe store.


MyFavorite.gifts – This could be a great website devoted to a wedding, birthday and/or Holiday gift registry, where people can easily learn what you want! At least that’s my idea, if I ever get to develop this one.


Halloween.deals – Another category killer domain that is begging to be developed into an on-line presence that taps into the billion dollar Halloween business. This name is bound to be a success!

PriceOfOil.com – SOLD

PriceOfOil.com – SOLD

BusinessSuitsForWomen.com – SOLD

BusinessSuitsForWomen.com – SOLD

NoveltyMugs.com – SOLD

NoveltyMugs.com – SOLD


TopTenResorts.com – Another great “top” domain name, with resorts being big business, spending many annual dollars on advertising. Perfect for a lead generation or affiliate website, with a number of Google advertisers for these exact keywords.

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