WhatIsCholesterol.com – Lots of unique traffic and clicks on this one.  A nice educational website is what people are looking for and you can provide it to them using this domain name!


WhatIsAStroke.com – Can’t get any better for an informational site about strokes.  Tons of searches and waiting to be developed!


WhyIHateYou.com – Quite the saying..hopefully something you’ve never heard before. But if you have, get even by buying this name and creating a website to express your feelings!

HowHandy.com – SOLD

HowHandy.com – SOLD


HowToTreatPoisonIvy.com – There are many people that catch poison ivy and do not know what to do. Educate the masses and add to this money making website devoted to poison ivy exposure treatments.


WhatIsGop – Very interesting name, as this question has over 4,000,000 broad global monthly searches and 6,600 exactly global monthly searches. Some eager republican must want to turn this domain name into a powerhouse website!?


WhereDoesWaterComeFrom.com – Pretty self explanatory – this makes a great education website that could easily rank highly for 2400 exact global monthly searches with very low competition.

WhatIsTheCostOf.com – SOLD

WhatIsTheCostOf.com – SOLD


HowDoWeGrow.com – What a great name for a gardener of any kind looking to educate their clients.

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