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DeerCamera.com – Many advertisers for this highly searched product, with 15,125 global monthly searches and a CPC of 0.74. Start your own drop shipping company or affiliate website and start making some money online now.


GunsAndLead.com – This is an educational project of my own, hoping to educate those who chose to shoot firearms about lead dust and the damage that is can cause.  If you are a gun owner, this site is worth a visit!

HorseShoeSets.com – SOLD

HorseShoeSets.com – SOLD

PrintersCopiers.com – SOLD

PrintersCopiers.com – SOLD


WelterWeight.net – An awesome weight class to watch in the ringand a great name for your new boxing blog!


CaddyWise.com – A great domain name and an established website with many recently registered users and a database of golf related posts. The hard work is done to get this one off the ground!


LetsBowl.com – Once a popular television show, this is a great name for one of the most popular recreational sports there is in America, bowling. This one is bound to sell quickly, so do not delay in scooping up this aged beauty!


ThisRace.com – Do you have any idea how many races there are around the world in a given day, week, month or year. You would be amazed, especially when you consider there are political races, horse races, car races, human races and many other kinds of races happening all of the time. This would make a great domain name for a website devoted to races, of whatever kind, and could become very popular with promoters!


GoldTee.com – A nice aged domain name that would be perfect for any type of golfing website. Perhaps start a new gift idea and produce gold tees mounted on a plaque to provide to the golfers of the world with specialized inscriptions. What a great idea…run with it!


BostonBruins.org – Can’t get any better for a Bruins fan site. Enough said.

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